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Jump Up and Down!

Let me be the 11th person this week to rag at you that you need to get more exercise. Or the 12th, including your conscience. You’ll look better and feel better and blah, blah.

But the fact is undeniable. For as little as 30 minutes a day, you can get fit, stay fit and feel better, according to the docs at Mayo Clinic and just about every workout trainer you know. You can even break that down into 5- or 10-minute chunks, if you can’t manage to tear yourself away from the desk for a full 30 minutes.

And what are we talking here, weightlifting? Ironman workouts? Actually, any kind of physical activity – preferably outdoors in the fresh air -- that will stretch your muscles and get your heart rate buzzing. Jumping up and down on a pogo stick, doing cartwheels, walking through the woods, managing a few those weird one-handed pushups, rolling down a hill, throwing a frisbee around, riding your bike to the beach, running laps. You name it.

The result? Exercise of just about any kind is going to kick in the dopamine feel-goods!

Video by Roman Odintsov: Pexels

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Joseph Bennett
Joseph Bennett
29 jul. 2022

Oh, thank you for this email and video, Steven! I feel happier just seeing your name in my inbox;)

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