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Spend 3 Hours on an Enchanting Greek Island

The holidays are long gone. Spring has not yet awoken. We are in the in-between. It’s a good time to disappear. Take a break from the cares and tumults of your hectic life for a little while…and relax.

But if workaday entanglements or anemic travel funds have kept you from slipping away for a few days to the sunny climes of Key West or Cabo, don’t fret about it. No worries. Simply take a few hours off and enjoy the beautiful view and mesmerizing ocean sounds from the window of our Happiness Archive beach cabana on the lovely island Zakynthos in Greece.

Our virtual vacation window video is three hours long and can also be shared to your TV screen or projected onto your wall. Right-click the video and select loop play for a longer stay!

Enjoy the view!

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