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Take This Mind-Blowing Fantasy Vacation

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

French artist Lucas Vaskange says that he creates universes and stories with his illustrations, comics, and videos. And after you start pinching and zooming into one of his amazing digital journeys, you’ll feel like you’re tripping down the rabbit hole into a dream you hope never ends.

And these “dreams” in fact, seem to go on forever. That’s because Vaskange uses the vector rendering app Endless Paper to create layers of images in seemingly unlimited configurations, and videos of his infinite stories are mesmerizing millions of viewers around the world.

In this video, Vaskange imagines a perfect vacation:

“I drew a new story in a photo of my office to tell you about my vacation," Vaskange explains on his Twitter post. "The excitement of leaving when you pack your suitcase, then the trip, the travel. Moments like this where you can completely take the pressure off, sit on a rock to meditate in the evening, then do a little painting to reconnect with nature. Dive into the water for hours to watch the fish and the corals, realize that there are whole universes that escape you, and that there are so many beautiful things to see on this planet.”

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