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About Us

Welcome to the Happiness Archive!


I'm Steve Hansen (here with my best buddy Rudyard).


I'm a writer and marketing professional in New York. I've worked on many award-winning projects for  NBCUniversal Publishing, Comcast, Anythink Libraries,, National Audubon Society, The Center for Digital Archeology, and Starbucks. 


I love books, good coffee and cocktails. I'm also addicted to collecting inspiring stories about everyday people, along with interesting life hacks and fun facts that make me smile, and fill me with hope.


But even better than collecting stories is sharing them with others. That's how this archive began.

Maybe you’ll find an idea or two here that will make you smile too, or make your day – or change your life. 

You can navigate to the individual topic pages in the header or see the full list of posts here.

Just jump in -- and enjoy.

Thanks for visiting!

Steve Hansen

Send me a tip! Heard about something you think should be in the Happiness Archive? Let me know about it - contact me at:

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