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Banksy’s Summer 'Spraycation'

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

Sure, he’s subversive, political, and anti-art-establishment, but England’s mysterious and often-maddening street artist Banksy can sure make you stop and think.

His elaborately stenciled graffiti pops up on urban buildings and bridges around the world, inspiring anger or melancholy or buffoonery or wonder – but it always demands a double-take of the passerby.

As much of Europe goes on holiday this month, Banksy let it be known he was recently on his own artistic getaway that he called “A Great British Spraycation.” His sprayed graffiti tour was captured on video and shows off his clever and often stunningly beautiful creations that have appeared, as if by magic, in seaside towns along the southern coast of Wales and England.

Banksy’s original creations are often fleeting. Many have been absconded, chipped off of walls or even famously shredded (by him). His recent beach wall painting of a rat relaxing in a deck chair, drinking a cocktail, was painted over by vandals within hours.

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