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Change Your Name to Judy or Joshua

What’s in a name, you ask? How about the key to lifelong happiness and popularity.

Psychologist David Holmes of Manchester (UK) Metropolitan University was commissioned recently by the online bank Smile to find out which first names were the happiest, at least in the UK.

First of all, he found those called Mark or Ruth smile the most and those called Frank and Pauline smile the least. While in the workplace, people named Richard and Judy are happiest, and those called Richard or Carly are happiest in relationships.

According to Dr. Holmes, “We know from our research that names can influence student marks so it follows that they also affect how we treat those so named. Names are like product brands in having a powerful effect on attitudes and should therefore be chosen with care.”

Finally, people named Judy and Joshua were found to be the happiest overall, followed closely by Stephanie and Jason.

A good thing for expectant parents to know! But if you’re not having a baby anytime soon and just want to change your given name legally, check out this how-to page on


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