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Ear Bliss #2

Updated: May 4, 2022

Relax and take a well-deserved aural vacation listening to these five specially chosen selections that will help you escape a dreary or hectic week.

1. Listen to two hours of gently falling snow -- yes falling snow, nature's white noise -- accompanied by an intermittent breeze wafting through a pine tree forest. The perfect chill-out for a warm summer’s night.

2. Cars honking, aggressive bike messengers whizzing by, self-absorbed conversations in a crowded bar, subway cars screeching, even that guy who yells at you for looking in his general direction. You know you miss this stuff. Here's a love letter from one of the city’s oldest institutions to the noise that only its citizens -- or former New Yorkers -- could miss. Released by the New York Public Library in May 2020, using sounds recorded prior to the COVID-19 quarantine.

3. Ten soothing hours of cat purring sounds and kitten happy meows. You can watch the video or just stretch out and take a nice long Sunday afternoon nap, imagining a warm cat sleeping on your chest.

4. If you end up going to Heaven after all, and it turns out to be one cool joint with free drinks, bar pizza, and no cover, you’ll be lucky enough to catch jazz harpist Dorothy Ashby playing double sets nightly for the rest of eternity. Here’s a preview of selections from her album “Hip Harp” (also released as “The Best of Dorothy Ashby”) recorded in 1958 and released on the Prestige label.

5. Finally, a 5-minute love story from Tallapoosa, GA, presented by Story Corps. Enjoy.

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