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Favorite Place to Read a Book

One of the simplest joys of life is curling up with a good book.

To be transported – or even lost – inside a gripping mystery or horror story, or a delicious romance or amazing true adventure, is enchanting. Indeed, “books are a uniquely portable magic,” says author Stephen King.

Everybody who reads for pleasure also has their preferred reading environment that makes the experience uniquely enjoyable. This is a perennially popular question that has been asked in various ways on the r/Books subreddit on Reddit.

Here are some favorite ways and places to hunker down with a book shared by redditors over the years:

I have a special place in the country, where there's a grove of trees at the top of a hill. It overlooks a mix of fields and forest. On a summer's day, there is always a breeze. There's never any people, no houses in sight, and the road going by sees about 2 cars each day.

I take an air mattress there, to read under a tree, in the dappled sunlight shining through the leaves. Typically I manage 3 pages before I fall asleep.

It is, simply my favourite thing in the world.

The Subway.

No phone service, no internet connection, no television. Short of a few insane people, there is very limited distraction.

In a crowded Cafe in the evening. The constant sounds of people chatting turns into a blur of white noise that helps me focus. Plus coffee.

The essence of reading and taking your time on the loo is that for most people, the toilet is one of the very last places where one can take refuge and be by themselves; allowing one to relax and read while not having to worry about anything or anyone bothering them.

It's also just a very cosy space where it's just you, alone, with your book, thoughts, and bowel movements.

Ironically, the toilet is one of the last sanctuaries on earth, where anyone can go in and use it and obtain spiritual enlightenment.

My favorite place to read is also a place in time. Huddled under the covers , in elementary school, with a flashlight reading Harry Potter. It was not comfortable, it was hot, the blankets got in the way, and I was worried I would be caught and told to go to bed. That time was still the greatest I ever had reading a book.

I have a hammock in my back porch. I like to sit on it vertically with a pillow under my head put my feet on the ground to rock myself while I read with earphones on. Sometimes I might have my baby brother sleeping on my chest while I do this.

When I discovered reading as a young teenager, probably about 12/13, whenever Id go on camping holidays Id take a book out into the woods, climb a tree with a comfy looking seating area and just chill up there reading all afternoon.

I miss having a decent bath, the last few houses we've lived in haven't had adult sized baths so it's been years since I've been able to read in the bath but damn I used to love it. Though these days I read on an ereader so I'm not sure if I'd be brave enough to take that near water since I have accidentally dipped a few books in my day.

Since moving back into my parents’ house, I usually need to get away from the sound of blaring tv's or the sound of my stepmother tromping around the house in a bad mood over something trivial. I enjoy sitting in my car in the driveway or, if it's not too hot and humid out (which, when it's not winter, it normally is), I like to sit on the back porch with a delicious beverage and a snack. Sometimes I like to head down the street to the local college and find a nice place to sit. Sometimes on a blanket under some trees or at a picnic table.

When I had my own apartment, nothing was better than a dreary day, curled up on the couch with my cat, window open, and a snack and delicious beverage on the coffee table. I really miss being able to afford my own apartment.

There something about a bookstore that really speaks to me. I'll get myself some overpriced coffee and sit in one of those aesthetic chairs next to a lamp that's too fancy for its surroundings. The air smells like a mixture of paint, dust, and tea. I never go to the bookstore to read but if I'm already there I'll read few chapters of s book I just bought. Other than that, I love reading at night with all the lights off ( I have a kindle) and stacks upon stacks of pillows under me. It really depends on my mood to be honest.

The Sylvia Beach Inn, in Newport, Oregon. It’s a book themed hotel, but more importantly there are two levels of dedicated couches with quiet zones for reading!!

On my garage roof in the sun. So really only late May-early September. However wasps tend to nest in the nooks where the siding meets roof on the second floor. So sometimes that ruins things.

I have a chair in my room that I absolutely love to read in. It's bright orange, very vintage. My mom tried to convince me to get it re-upholstered but I loved it the way it was. I have a sheep wool rug underneath it. The light in that corner is perfect and I feel at utter peace when I sit there. The only thing is I rarely find time to read in it, so I usually end up reading during class (I get yelled at sometimes) or really whenever I find time. I too have developed the fantastic ability to completely block out sounds while I'm reading. Don't try to start a conversation with me while I'm reading, I either won't hear you or I'll attempt to throw something at you.

Outside, ideally its cloudy, windy and in a perfect world sprinkling a little, but never too cold As I sit against a tree or on the grass, both book and bong in hand.

Lying on the bathroom floor, especially if the bathwater is running.

Either in my bed or down at the kitchen table with food. I know they say it is bad to read while eating because you will eat more food, but I can't help it. I'm a snacker. Reading while eating is enjoying both worlds at once!

Paris, in Autumn.

Or Winter in Madrid.

Recliner by an open window with a light breeze coming through. Quite honestly, one of my other favorite places is on the bus. I need something to do and I'm not worried about the road since someone else is driving.

Where is your favorite place to enjoy a good read?

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