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Get a Haircut

Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest difference.

The Japanese have a term for it: kaizen (kai=change zen=good). It's a popular business practice that makes the organization, and its products, services and people, better by implementing small scale changes throughout the company.

But this approach to continuous improvement is a healthy one to adopt in our private lives too. One small enhancement like getting a new haircut can often put you on top of the world and give you a whole new positive outlook.

“Getting a haircut can very often put you in a fantastic mood,” according to our buds at “For starters, haircuts make us look better and that immediately makes us feel better about ourselves. We receive compliments and we enjoy catching our reflection in the mirror.

Not only that, but “…for some people, getting more light to the brain may also play a role. This might sound odd but actually light can affect the brain through the skull which is one of the mechanisms that enables us to wake up in the morning. If you’ve just had a lot of hair cut off and especially if you have seasonal affective disorder, this could potentially play a role.”

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