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Get a Job that Matters

...And Don't Forget to Socialize

A recent phone app survey of 22,000 people in the UK shows that work is ranked lower than any of the other 39 activities individuals can report engaging in, with the exception of being sick in bed. The 2016 “Mappiness” survey detailed precisely how happy or unhappy one is while working at their job.

So there you have it. Anybody surprised?

However, one positive finding from that survey conducted by George MacKerron was that chatting or socializing with coworkers and peers is especially beneficial. In fact, it's the only activity that rivals the happiness you get when you aren't at work.

After all, we’re a social species, hardwired to connect and share with others, especially those who make us feel good.

Leadership researcher Dr. Annie McKee adds that the happiest folks who those who are engaged with their jobs and their colleagues both. They work harder — and smarter. “People want to feel as if their work matters and that their contributions help to achieve something really important.”

So you could work on the quality control line at a potato chip factory that prides itself on its delicious product and the care of its employees, or you could be a community organizer for the American Civil Liberties Union. Either way, when your workplace does good things well and has a vision that aligns with your personal values, your part in it can bring real joy and satisfaction.

Photo by Jopwell from Pexels

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