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Get C-c-c-cold!

These days, the national weather map looks more like the upper end of the Scoville hot peppers scale, glowing habanero orange to cayenne red all over the country. How are people coping with the sizzling temps? Mostly by staying inside with the blinds closed and the air cranked. Or bobbing in a pool or ocean if there’s one handy.

It’s fun to see what folks did to stay cool before air conditioning became a standard fixture in most homes and offices. You may want to keep those techniques in mind in case the AC suddenly goes kaput.

You can also simply watch videos of otherwise normal people go berserk on New Year’s Day by taking so-called polar bear plunges into icy water. The involuntary shiver you feel running up your spine as you watch will cool you down a bit. It’s what scientists call “temperature contagion.” When we empathize with those crazies who are cold and shivering, we actually begin to mimic them.

A more relaxing way to cool off, perhaps, is to watch Nik Rijavec’s 2-hour video of a snowstorm in a forest deep in Slovenia. Enhance the effect with blowing fans for a more immersive chill!

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