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Go to Your Happy Place

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Supposedly helpful people will advise you to “find your happy place” as a sure way to calm an anxious, fretful mind. Once there, they say, you can see any stress-inducing situation more clearly and think logically about ways to overcome difficult situations in your life.

Well, it seems there is something truly helpful and even joyous about this psychological technique. No matter that your “happy place” is a pleasant real memory, like the time you won $700 at the blackjack table, or a fabulous fantasy, like swaying in a hammock on the beach of your own private island.

Experts such as mental health counselor Dr. Jaime Kulaga, Ph.D., agree that creating a happy place in your mind where you can go to escape stressors in your life really does work. "Having a space that you can go to, to center and find clarity, is extremely beneficial. When you step away to a calm space that brings you joy or peacefulness, you allow your mind to destress so that you can make clear minded decisions and see things from alternate perspectives," she says.

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