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Make It to October

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

“Tis June, the fairest month of all, bright June, the month of roses.” Kansan poet Elva May Root makes a good point about the sixth month of the year. After all, summer begins in June, school’s out, and it’s the favorite time for weddings and family road trips.

However, June can also be tricky weather-wise, as it is often the rainiest month of the year in most parts of the U.S. But the month that plays no tricks -- except for trick-or-treating – is October. The 10th month wins gold for being the happiest month of the year.

How do we know this? Well, October was ranked the highest of all the months in a poll of 2,000 Americans conducted by the chocolate-filled marshmallow brand, Stuffed Puffs. House Beautiful published the findings of the survey commissioned by OnePolls, revealing that more than half of Americans polled say they are most content during the fall season.

“Despite the current pandemic, 56% respondents voted they were the happiest during the fall when compared to the other seasons. The survey also noted that 53 degrees Fahrenheit is the perfect fall temperature according to voters and that the first two weeks of October are the best time of the season.”

With its warm days and cool nights, cinnamon toast cocktails, corn maze weekends, pumpkin -spiced everything, and the Hallowe’en finale, what’s not to love about October?

Video by German Korb from Pexels

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