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Mystery Solved! The Case of the Gorgeous Medical Bills

“I like to make people happy,” says Emily Margolis. Even complete strangers, apparently.

A few years ago, Melody Morrow of New York City hurt her foot and needed physical therapy. However, she said what really made her feel better was paying the bill. The front of the envelope that her first billing statement was mailed in contained a little drawing. “It had these little music notes," Morrow told CBS News’s Steve Hartman recently. The notes danced above her name, "Melody."

The musical doodle was drawn by Emily Margolis, an account clerk at MJHS Health System where Melody was receiving her PT treatments.

Each monthly billing statement Morrow received after that contained a special drawing to cheer her up. And each month, the drawings became more and more elaborate, from small pictures to complete watercolor scenes, studded with sequins and even gold leaf.

"It's hard to even describe," Morrow said. "It was incredible. This was a stranger, and she was doing that just for me. And that's the beauty of it."

Watch the video here:

The complete series of Emily’s envelope artworks is now on display through June 30 at Buunni Coffee, a coffee shop located at 213 Pinehurst Avenue in Washington Heights on Manhattan’s upper west side. Emily and Melody were celebrated at a special reception there last week.

"Before, it was on my wall," said Melody said of the colorful envelope collection. "Now it's here, and it's just really joyful."

"I really just did it because I love to draw," said Emily Margolis. "As an artist, like a musician, a musician always wants to perform."

A few of those envelopes...

Melody Morrow, Emily Margolis, and Sarina Prabasi, owner of Buunni Coffee

Photos: CBS News (Header and photos as indicated); Buunni Coffee.

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