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Nicest Words You'll Ever Hear

You always remember that one special message that made your day, your career, your life. Here’s our random selection of the best VMs, texts, whispered words or megaphoned announcements we could ever imagine.

I love you!

Will you marry me?

You got the job!

You look so beautiful!

Let's go out!

Tell me more!

I’m pregnant!

It’s a girl!

It’s a boy!

It’s benign!



I think we can find you a nice table!

You make me so proud!

They accepted your offer!

What a great job!

You’re amazing!

You made my day!

You bring out the best in people!



You saved my hide!

It’s on the house!

You have a great smile!

Let’s go for it!


There’s a bonus in it for you!

We’re getting a refund!

Cute butt!

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