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One Martini Movie: "Oh Baby!"

Enjoy this month’s One Martini Movie in the same amount of time it takes to mix and enjoy a classic gin Martini – or mocktini. (Or mix the drink then watch the movie, too!)

Using stop-action animation and a live action cast of 18, award-winning filmmaker Meghann Artes’s 2020 mini-movie “Oh Baby!” presents a mesmerizing new take on how babies are made! (8.5 min.)

Watch the movie here:

Artes, who is a professor at DePaul University in Chicago, conceived of “Oh Baby!” (pun intended) when she was pregnant with her daughter Millie. The film became the first-ever collaboration between three schools at the university – The School of Cinematic Arts, The Theater School, and The School of Music, giving a total 94 students the opportunity to work on the film alongside hired professionals for an incredibly hands-on experience in filmmaking.

Baby daughter Millie’s real first cry was recorded and can be heard at the end of the film.

Video Bonus: Behind the Scenes of "Oh Baby!"

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