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Saunter through Springtime in Central Park

It’s here at last! We’ve been desperate for rejuvenating, sunny springtime weather and it’s bursting forth at last all around the Northern Hemisphere.

Indeed, it’s Tulip Time in Holland with parks and public gardens throughout the country a riot of colorful flowers and outdoor music taking place every day through mid-May. In the U.S., huge swaths of California, Texas, and the Southwest are ablaze this week with an unprecedented “superbloom” of wildflowers -- orange California poppies, blue lupine, and brilliant white desert lilies.

Locals and tourists in Japan are celebrating Hanami right now – flower watching – as blooming cherry trees bathe the public parks everywhere in a soft pastel glow.

New York City is having its own cherry blossom moment, drawing people out of their apartments to stroll around Central Park – young lovers, families, models, dog walkers, actors on lunch break, and everyday gawkers alike, to soak up nature’s heavenly floral exhibition.

NYC visual pleasure-hunter D.M.A. Flyer took this video saunter through the park on Friday. The peak bloom of the cherry trees made everything look like pink gold, and made nearly everyone feel like a kid again.

Enjoy this virtual springtime stroll along with a bagel and coffee at your favorite outdoor café or sipping an Evening Shade cocktail with all the windows open (hmu and I’ll share my recipe)!

Photo: Central Park Conservancy

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