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Thanksgiving Tips to Save the Day

Thanksgiving is our favorite holiday. No gifts, no costumes or decorations required. Just a gathering together of friends and families to share a meal, jokes and stories fueled by some really yummy Beaujolais nouveau. It’s a time to relax and reminisce, watch football games on TV, take a walk in the woods and perhaps nap. In other words, a blessed break from the daily craziness of life. That is our wish for everybody, anyway.

Here are a few T-day real-life suggestions that may come in handy as you start planning the menu and activities for the holiday’s main event.

Grandma Gina: How to Make Roasted Chestnuts

If you’ve never tried roasting chestnuts, you’re missing out on a delicious holiday tradition and a fun experience. They’re great to snack on with drinks before dinner or with cheese and brandy afterward. And this is the only time of year when you can get fresh chestnuts from the markets. And who better to show you how to prepare them but our favorite Grandma Gina!

Mike Gould: How to Make a Toast

A sincere toast makes the Thanksgiving Dinner. Learn how to do it right to make everybody around the table feel good about being there.

Anne Burrell: How to Carve a Turkey

If turkey's on the menu, and you’ve been given the duty to carve, please don’t massacre a well-cooked bird. Listen to Iron Chef Anne. She will make you an expert carver in two minutes flat!

Joye B. Moore: How to Bring Dessert

You’ve been asked to bring dessert to Thanksgiving dinner. What to do? Head right on over to any Sam’s Club or Food Lion store and pick up one of Joyebells famous Sweet Potato pies. They’re made with love and better than pumpkin any day! Joyebells pies are the real downhome delicacies that are hard to find these days.

YouTube Greg: How to Make a Thanksgiving Cocktail

Omg this one is so delicious. It’s bright and sparkly and tastes like a holiday -- everyone will love Greg’s Cranberry Cobbler!

Ms Lena: How to Make Southern Cornbread Dressing

Our favorite cooking lady shares her family recipe for true Southern dressing. “It’s sooo good I could eat the whole pan!”

YouTube Tash: How to Set a Beautiful, Affordable Thanksgiving Table

We love Tash. Her no-nonsense attitude and natural design ability combine to create a beautiful Thanksgiving table for a few bucks. We love how she rolls with the punches but still sticks to a great elegant idea, delivering “within budget.”

The Ladies at The View: What to Talk About at the Table

This show is from last year, but it still holds true. Listen!

The Bee Family: How Not to Laugh at Dad Jokes

Good luck trying this game after Thanksgiving dinner (clear the table first!).

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