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The Ultimate Trip Tease

It’s only February and we’re already daydreaming about a summer road trip!

The first glimpse of blue sky and glimmer of sunshine that poke through the gray murk of midwinter does it. We start itching to take a loooooong drive on the open highways, windows down, tunes cranked, and warm breezes ruffling our hair -- and our dog’s ears.

We’ve always wanted to roll down old Route 66, and for destination inspiration, we usually consult our favorite travel blogs like Road Trip USA and Tara and Eric’s Back Road Ramblers.

But today, while doing a bit of trip-porn Googling, we came across Brian Defrees’s beautiful video timelapse of his August 2012 journey from Chicago to Los Angeles on Steinbeck’s “Mother Road.” His entire dash cam video of the 2,451-mile drive through seven states is only 3.5 minutes long – so fasten your seatbelt and enjoy the wild ride! The video is set perfectly to “Route 66,” performed by the Band Route 66.

Check it out:

Brian said then when given an option for which time era of the route to travel, he always opted for the oldest parts of Route 66, so you got a few good glimpses of the original route that still remains.

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02 เม.ย. 2566

It would be very interesting for me to watch how you work on the photos that you want to post. I think this is an interesting topic for a video on your YouTube. channel. By the way, I recently found a cool application for recording the screen without leaving the browser, you can just click here on the link and start recording


Deena Ebbert
Deena Ebbert
11 ก.พ. 2566

This is fantastic! Sharing right now with a young person I know who has been wanting to take a Route 66 trip for years. Thanks! 😃

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