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Two Little Words Make All the Difference

Two little words can go a long way to making you, and the people around you, happier every day: “Good morning!” It works magic at home and at the corner coffee shop. It’s also a common courtesy among team members at the workplace -- no matter where or how that takes place – before getting into the business of the day.

Experts at The Happiness Firm, an organization that helps companies create more positive work environments, suggest that greeting your coworkers with a simple “hello” or “good morning” definitely helps create a happier workplace, whether it’s in person at the office, or on your first Zoom meeting of the day.

Saying “good morning” is the polite thing to do, it’s welcoming, it reduces awkwardness, it makes everyone feel valued and it’s free!

The truth is, they say, “almost everyone wants to interact with one another and saying, ‘good morning’ or ‘hello’ is a simple way to break down barriers among colleagues in the office.”

Video by olia danilevich

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