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Concrete Zen Moments

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

When you see a fire hydrant or mailbox or trash can magically highlighted by waves of concentric painted ripples, you do take notice -- perhaps even stop -- and enjoy a few seconds of stillness as the madness of city streetlife swirls all around.

You have the renowned street artist Sacsix to thank for creating these “urban Zen garden” installments in Manhattan. His artistic emphasis of everyday objects throughout the island are meant to inspire mindfulness and self-enlightenment amid the otherwise chaotic urban landscape.

Sacsix’s whimsically mind-bending wheat paste art and graffiti have been enlivening NYC’s alleys, building walls and construction barricades for the past six years. His work has been used in MTV and Adidas promotions, plus his own famous #PostNoHate anti-cyberbullying campaign.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Sacsix’s Art Clinic made custom-drawn coloring pages and crayons available to anyone for free in front of his studio on the Lower East Side.


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