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Dolce Far Niente

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

Every now and then, you simply have to stop. Sit down. Relax…and do nothing. Yes nothing.

Italians have mastered this gentle art of savoring the moment, or even an entire afternoon, slowing down time, letting the cares and demands of life float away. They call it dolce far niente, the sweetness of doing nothing.

The warm days of summer are perfect for inducing this kind of dreamy stillness. Imagine sitting at a seaside café, sipping a coffee and watching the hypnotically rippling water. Or lolling in a hammock and staring up at the sun twinkling through the leaves. Or witnessing the gigantic full moon rising slowly above the rooftop of your apartment building.

No phone, no laptop, no book, no music, no plans. Just enjoy living in the moment and watching the world pass by – shoppers, squirrels, delivery men, bicyclists, birds, stars. Listening to the sounds. Taking in the colors and letting the breezes float around you like silk.

Think of dolce far niente as passive meditation – a sweet disconnection from the stressful craziness of life that lets you magically replenish your spirit and restore your balance.

There will always be time later to plug back into your duties and cares with a renewed perspective.

For now, enjoy only sweet nothing.

Video by Storysium, Pixabay.

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