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Enjoy This 11-Hour, Hypnotizing Break

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

The holidays are finally over. Everyone has gone back home or returned to school and we’re taking a breather before getting back into our regular grind.

It may be the perfect time to head up to the mountains or out to the beach now that all the crowds are gone. This weekend especially is a great one to simply veg out and relax. You deserve it.

But if the weather or lingering Covid woes are keeping you inside for now, why not take a virtual cruise with us on the historic MS Victoria down the Telemark Canal in gorgeous southern Norway – in real time!

This stunning 11+ hour video, shot in early summer, was produced by Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) in 2012 and aired as their longest-ever TV presentation. The journey takes us from the city of Skien through lush rural waterways between several long lakes connected by eight locks, to the town of Dalen, 65 miles away.

Grab a deck chair (couch, futon or hammock) and a few beers and snacks and enjoy this mesmerizing experience on the biggest screen you have. You might even drift off to sleep from time to time – that’s totally OK, you’ve earned the rest!

(The ship leaves dock at 00:24:35.)

This is one of the most popular videos in the SlowTV series.

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