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For Your Holiday Viewing Pleasure

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

No matter where you end up spending the holidays this year – stuck in an airport terminal, happy by yourself and off-the-clock in your comfy abode, hiding out upstairs in your childhood bedroom, or hanging with a friend at that dark corner bar, you can artfully upgrade your mood with these festive digital treats!

It’s Snowing Outside! (City)

We got your White Christmas right here! Go full-screen and crawl under the comforter to enjoy this winter snowstorm howling outside the window of your imaginary downtown loft. (Crank up the AC if you live in the South!)

It’s Snowing Outside! (Country)

Here’s the pastoral version. Perfect if you rented that place up by the lake that’s always charmingly snowed-in between Christmas and New Year’s – except for this year, naturally.

The Cracklin’ Fireplace

Have cheery fire, will travel! When we played this blazing beauty on our phone and propped it up on the table at the hotel lounge that one Christmas eve, people actually gathered around it. We made lots of new friends that night!

The Glowy Woodburning Stove

If you’re more the Vermont-y, backwoods cabin type, you may want to cozy up to this traditional wood burning stove instead. The vid is only 1 hour long, but you’ll probably fall asleep after 20 minutes anyway.

Get In Here!

You always do your best thinking at the coffee shop. It’s warm and cheery inside. You’re a regular. They start making your drink as soon as they see you walk in. Your favorite corner table is vacant. Now you can hunker down there anytime, even if it's closed this week or you’re 3,000 miles away. Just click the arrow above. Ahhhh.

Best Party in Town!

No need to fret about what to wear to the party this year or worry about driving home after the place closes. You ARE the party! All you need is this New Year’s Eve party background noise, a split of champagne, and your fave new pair of comfy PJs. Call some friends to wish them well and make them think you’re out on the town!

Winter’s a Beach!

Sick to death of frigid temps, snow, sleet, and the crunch of Ice-Melt under your feet? You can still have a white Christmas this year – a white sandy beach Christmas that is! Escape to the tropical seashore with this video without ever leaving your couch-cabana.

You don’t even have to watch it. Just close your eyes and listen to the gentle waves lapping the beach. (Mix up a Mai-Tai and turn up the heat for a more realistic experience.)

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