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Listen to Your Plants

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Plants have feelings too, right? For years we’ve been talking to our philodendrons and soothing our geraniums with classical music, and they seem to like it. Some biologists think that plants even feel pain and communicate with each other in the wild through their root systems, warning each other of impending dangers.

Others claim that singing to your plants helps them to grow stronger and happier. Or maybe it’s just that people who sing to their plants take better care of them in the first place.

We do know that plants respond to external stimuli, like light, gravity, wind, temperature or being chomped on by insects and react in highly sophisticated ways to adapt and protect themselves in the interest of survival.

And now we find out that philodendrons and geraniums and every other species of plant life can actually make music. Or rather, we can make music by listening to their unique vibrations.

PlantWave, a new type of “plant-listening” released in 2019 by Data Garden detects electrical variations in plants through two electrodes placed on the leaves and converts the variations into groovy, otherworldly mood music. According to the PlantWave website, “The result is a continuous stream of pleasing music that gives you a sonic window into the secret life of plants.”

Each plant’s melody is original and groups of plants can even harmonize together using the device. The PlantWave unit sells for $299 and can connect wirelessly to a mobile device and headphones or speakers.

Or you can listen to plant music for free, live-streamed from the PlantWave company’s garden on Plants FM.

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