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Sidewalk Splendor in a Flash

For the past six years, the floral design team of Lewis Miller has installed startlingly beautiful “flower flashes” on street corners, down alleys, in trash cans, phone booths, and beside subway entrances all over New York City – basically where you would least expect to see a massive impromptu floral masterpiece.

These flowery pop-ups are free gifts to the city – “beautiful shared experiences” that encourage people to stop and smell the roses or carnations or hydrangeas. About once a month, the LM ninja team installs a stunning flower flash somewhere in the city, working quickly in the wee hours of the morning.

The flash arrangements rarely last for a day, as passersby stop and pick single stems or small bouquets to take with them as they go by, making these short-lived blasts of beauty even more magical.

“It’s a little unorthodox,” Lewis Miller explained to Haute Living in 2018, “and it’s pushing my creativity against the wall. It’s also about giving back and breaking barriers creatively and also doing something that people can enjoy.” It has also been a perfect way to promote the large scale floral design services of Lewis Miller.

"Seeing people’s reactions to our Flower Flashes emphasizes the basic goodness in all people and prioritizes compassion and the need for LMD x NYC to carry on."

During the bleakness of the pandemic last year, these colorful floral surprises seemed even more beautiful. One Flower Flash was sponsored by American Express and helped to raise more than $50,000 for a charity that helps healthcare workers.


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May 02, 2021


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