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The Magic of Flowers

October may be the happiest month – specifically the first two weeks (see “Make it to October”) -- but spring is a whole season when most people feel energized and happy. The temps are moderate, there’s more sunlight and birdsong is in the air.

Plus, the folks at remind us that spring is when everything bursts into flower!

“After months spent conserving energy, flowers bloom in the spring, once they sense that the days have grown longer, and the weather has turned warmer. That's good for humans, because several studies have shown that looking at flowers can make you happy.

"A 2008 study of hospital patients found that having flowers in the room made people feel more positive and reduced their pain and anxiety. Another study from Rutgers University found that when participants were presented with a bouquet of flowers, it resulted in what scientists call a ‘true smile’ a full 100 percent of the time.

"Seeing flowers had both ‘immediate and long-term effects’ that resulted in elevated moods for days afterward, according to the researchers.”

Photo: Envato Elements

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