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Vacation in an Energy Vortex this Summer!

Updated: Apr 16

Spring is a great time to start planning your summer vacation. This year, instead of the non-stop craziness of a “Best-of-Europe-in-a Week” tour or standing in endless lines every day for the rides at a big amusement park, why not relax and refresh inside a famous energy vortex?


Energy vortexes, also known as places of spiraling concentrated energy, exist all over the planet. Think Ayers Rock in Australia, England’s Stonehenge, Machu Picchu in Peru, and the island of Bali. Vortexes are thought to occur at the intersections of ley lines or the random lines of natural energy that make up Earth’s electromagnetic field.


While there is little scientific proof of it, vortexes are believed to contain powerful spiritual properties that can make you feel more connected and attuned to yourself and the universe. Whether you seek tranquility, insight, or rejuvenation, exploring these powerful locations can be a transformative experience.


Many of the most powerful vortexes in the Northern Hemisphere can be found in the U.S. Spend a few days hanging out in one of these swirling centers of energy for a different, more vitalizing vacation experience this summer. Or plan a tour of them all!


Mount Shasta, California

Mount Shasta, also known as Waka-nunee-Tuki-wuki in the Shasta language and Úytaahkoo in Karuk, is a potentially active volcano located at the southern end of the Cascade Range in Siskiyou County, California. Known as one of the seven sacred mountains on Earth, Mount Shasta has a long history of myth, mysticism, and strange occurrences. These include the lost continents and people of Lemuria and Atlantis, UFOs, and extra-terrestrials, Bigfoot, secret doors to underground installations, and even a hollow Earth.


The 14,163-foot mountain is the most stunning of all the peaks in the Cascade Range. It is said to radiate positive energy and local guides are available in the small town of Mount Shasta to help vortex seekers find the best locations where the vortex effects are most palpable.


The air at Mount Shasta has an unusually invigorating quality. In 1874, naturalist John Muir commented: "When I first caught sight of Mt. Shasta, over the braided folds of the Sacramento Valley, I was fifty miles away and afoot, alone and weary. Yet all my blood turned to wine, and I have not been weary since."

Ojai, California

Ojai, nestled in the mountains of California’s Ventura County, is renowned for its unique energy vortex. The Ojai Valley’s power stems from its atypical orientation—east-west rather than north-south. This positioning, combined with the magnetic pull of the Topatopa Mountains, creates an electromagnetic vortex of good energy. Locals believe that the seven vortexes in the valley provide protection for the town.


Ojai experiences a magical phenomenon known as the “pink moment.” During sunset, the setting sun illuminates the Ojai Valley in an otherworldly shade of dusty rose. It’s a fleeting few seconds when the landscape glows with a transcendent beauty.


The beautiful Krishnamurti Retreat is located a few miles east of town. It is a peaceful haven for meditation surrounded by acres of gardens, orange and olive orchards.



Taos, New Mexico

The dramatic, 12,305-foot Taos Mountain looms over the town of Taos and nearby Taos Pueblo. Locals believe that this imposing peak of the Sangre de Cristo range exerts a definite power over the activities and inhabitants of the area, energizing those it likes and unsettling those it doesn’t.


A related energy force that draws visitors seeking self-reflection, and spiritual growth, is believed to radiate from the El Nogal Trailhead, which abuts the base of the mountains a few miles east of town. This vortex is said to have a unique and balancing property that assists in healing and personal transformation.


One of the most sacred places in Taos is the Taos Pueblo, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is the ancestral home of the Taos-speaking (Tiwa) tribe of Puebloan people. The multistory adobe building is the oldest continually inhabited community on the North American continent, having been built between 1000 and 1450 AD. 


Those who visit the Taos Pueblo and the area surrounding it, often report heightened sensations, including a sense of peace, intuition, and a strong connection to nature and the universe.


The light in Taos looks different than most other places in the U.S. This is due to the fact that the town sits at an altitude of nearly 7,000 feet where the air is thinner, allowing for greater clarity, making colors appear more vivid and intense.

Sedona, Arizona

Sedona, Arizona, is known as a magical center of swirling energy that some say can uplift, inspire, and recharge. Towering red rock monoliths, sculpted by time, create a haunting skyline found nowhere else in the world. These crimson cliffs and spires evoke awe and wonder, inviting exploration and contemplation.


The entire city is considered a vortex, but some say that the energy radiates most intensely at four specific sites: Airport Mesa, Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock, and Boynton Canyon. Visitors to these sites say they have felt tingling sensations on their skin, and that they feel in tune with themselves and the earth, especially at Bell Rock.


The town offers many unique health spas and wellness retreats.



Ringing Rocks, Pennsylvania

Ringing Rocks is in a remote park in northern Bucks County, Pennsylvania near Doylestown. It is a barren seven-acre geological rock field plunked in the center of a lush, serene forest. Here, the rocks emit clear bell-like sounds or low kettle drum booms, depending on their size, when struck with a hammer or other hard object. Many believe this site holds special energy that attracts visitors who wish to experience the mysterious vibrations and connect with the Earth’s power.


The geological history of Ringing Rocks dates back millions of years to the Mesozoic Era, during the formation of the Atlantic Rift, which separated North America from Africa and Europe. This geological activity led to the intrusion of molten magma into the Earth’s crust, resulting in the formation of diabase rocks.


Curiously, only spiders inhabit the rock field, and birds will avoid flying over it.


The Salt Caves, a spa providing unusually rejuvenating halotherapy sessions inside a small Himalayan salt cave, is located nearby in Doylestown. Due to the negative ions emitted by the salts, the sessions are said to banish depression and anxiety, among other ailments.


Sarasota, Florida

Glittering on Florida’s southwestern coast, Sarasota is more than just a sun-soaked beach destination. Beneath its palm-fringed shores lies an intriguing secret: an invisible current of spiritual vibrations that weave through the city, creating what some call a powerful energy vortex.


At the heart of Sarasota’s energy lies the 40-acre, pure white sandy beach of Siesta Key. But this isn’t your ordinary beach. A study by Harvard University’s geology department revealed that Siesta Key’s sand is 99 percent pure quartz crystal. Quartz, a powerful mineral, possesses the ability to amplify subtle energies.


Visitors report feeling a sense of oneness while exploring the city and its neighborhoods. Perhaps it’s the circular flow of energy, like a gentle whirlpool, drawing people into moments of clarity, inspiration, and connection.



Isle La Motte, Vermont

Known as “Sedona of the East,” this charming island in Lake Champlain offers visitors a glimpse into 480 million years of history. It is home to the Chazy Fossil Reef, where billions of ancient life forms are immortalized in stone beneath the southern half of the island. It is known as the oldest fossil reef in the world and was designated a U.S. National Natural Landmark in 2009. Portions of the stratified reef are visible across the landscape of the island due to the tilted orientation of the sedimentary rock layers.


“The ‘original source healing’ (O.S.H.) energies located where the Chazy Reef has been exposed on the Isle La Motte is by far the most intense, and yet gentle healing source I have felt in the United States,” according to holistic practitioner and auric visionary Dr. Ronald L Landau.


Landau also claims that the energy found here “is not only planetary based but provides a direct connection to intergalactic knowledge and experiences. To put it in a more popular term, a ‘Star Gate.’”


Photos (from top): Aram Grigoryan on Unsplash;; Wendell/;; Wikimedia Commons;; Sarasota-Florida-US/;

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