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Ear Bliss

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Relax and take a well-deserved aural vacation listening to these six specially chosen selections that will help you escape a dreary or hectic day.

1. Close your eyes and travel back to Saturday mornings back in the day by listening to Kris Robinson’s curated collection of 50 Saturday morning cartoon intros from the 1980s:

2, Music soundtracks samples from classic Disney cartoons. Mickey, Donald, Pluto will dance in your imagination as you listen.

3. The Beau Hunks, the brilliant Dutch revivalist music ensemble presents the music from Hal Roach’s “Little Rascals” shorts of the 1920s-40s.

4. Ivan Moravec playing 19 of the Nocturnes by Frédéric Chopin – some of the most beautiful solo compositions ever written for the piano.

5. “Weightless” is considered to be the most relaxing music ever composed as it causes the listener's brain waves and heart rate to gently synchronize with the rhythm of the piece. Written by sound scientists from the British Academy of Sound Therapy and recorded in 2011 by the band Marconi Union.

6. Pick any mood and Dr. Saxlove will play you the perfect background sweet jazz mix. Or, in his words, “Come on, let's relax for awhile and listen to some beautiful and romantic music. Let's drink some wine and open a window and listen to the rain and the wind. Let's gaze into the eyes of the ones we love and really feel it, feel that feeling in your heart that makes you happy and whole and true and lovely.” Here is his "Smooth Jazz" album:

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