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Enjoy These ‘Happy Place’ Contest Videos

We received a beautiful collection of entries in our first “Go to Your Happy Place” video contest. Thanks to all our followers who entered! Everyone has a different place they go to feel happy, safe and peaceful, to recharge their energy or to get inspiration. That’s good because we can’t all be in the same happy place at once!

Congratulations to the videographers of our winning entries that were selected at random and are noted below. Keep looking for more happy places and making mini-videos of them to share in our next video contest!

Owen's Video by Lisa D.

Cat and Bed Happy Time by Elizabeth G. -- Winner of a $25 Gift Card!

Riverside Arts Market - Jacksonville, FL River by @dynakor / @korostudios

Back Garden by Jeannette D.

Sunset Over Harbor by Rachel H.

Puppy Playtime by @ispwork

Arizona Scenery by Vickie G.

Pelican Watching by Christi W. -- Winner of a $25 Gift Card!

Jumping Off a Rock in Greece by @moleighmaples

Desert Views by Rachel T.

Abandoned Fire Tower in West Virginia by Evan W. -- Winner of a $25 Gift Card!

Water View by @annagaitanouhollingworth

Body Boarding at the Beach by @liliumlaughs

Deer in the Wild by Chuck C.

Dog Gets Startled by @bradmarquis_realtor

Climbing is My Happy Place by Donny R.

Driving in the Desert by @mmazzur

Mountains of North Carolina by @campbell_3369

Washington, DC by Cathleen C. -- Winner of a $25 Gift Card!

Things in My Space by @LoriPie365

The Best Kitty by Kathie H.

Beautiful Rocky Beach by Irina K.

Mountain Views by @carissakarate -- Winner of the $250 Airbnb Gift Card!

Fire Pit by a River by Julie H.

Inwood Hill Park by @inwoodartworks

Music at Niagara Falls by Kel B.

Hummingbirds by @rkaycole

Cat Walking on Fence by @kmeireis

I Love Scotland by Jeffery C.

Adventure in Takarli by @adeshtakale311

Outdoor Sighting by Bree B.

Rocky Shore by Bonnie C. -- - Winner of a $25 Gift Card!

Photo by Teono123 No from Pexels

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3 comentarios

02 abr 2023

ty forr post

Me gusta

05 sept 2021

So many wonderful videos! Thank you for doing this it really brighten my day to watch these videos.

Me gusta

Deena Ebbert
Deena Ebbert
01 sept 2021

Wonderful! Happiness is EVERYWHERE!

Me gusta
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