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Here’s One Virus that Gets You Lit

As the days shorten and turn cooler here, we look forward to cozier times spent indoors -- long holiday breaks, lazy weekends, and especially those spontaneous gifts from the weather gods, snow-days!

Soon we’ll be happily ensconced in our comfy hygge environments, reading, meditating, listening to music, watching old movies, and playing games. Word games are our favorite pastime with friends and family on a rainy day (and we’ve had plenty of those lately!).

The most irresistible word games can be found at Language Is a Virus, an online literary treasure trove to explore. It describes itself as a cure-all for writer’s block, and a “…cornucopia of interactive writing games, story weaving adventures, and poetic musings.”

Its title, named for the song by Laurie Anderson, that is inspired by a William S. Burroughs idea, is perfect because its dazzling collection of literary games and gimmicks will definitely infect you with the creativity bug.

Choose from dozens of interactive lit games and gizmos, like Writing Prompts, Story Dice, Love Poem Generator, Text Mixer, or the Visual Poetry maker, to name a few. Or just hang out at the Donna Tartt Shrine and groove on her brilliance.

Don’t be surprised if you end up writing that novel you’ve been toying with after getting your imagination ignited on this entertaining and inspiring site. There’s nothing else like it online.

Picture: Visual cat poem created by Kevin Hodgson.

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