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One Martini Movie: "Projections in the Forest"

You can mix a double gin martini, in 3.5 minutes, including chilling the cocktail glass and preparing the olive or lemon garnish. So, you can either make a martini or you can watch this tiny movie in the same amount of time. Or you can do both!

In this month’s tiny movie, "Projections in the Forest," German artists Tarek Mawad and Friedrich van Schoor project stunning, light-mapped effects onto naturally glowing living objects within a stately forest -- plants, mushrooms, spider webs, lichens, insects, a frog -- to create a heightened experience of nature’s beguiling forms and patterns. Music and sound design are by Achim Treu (Germany, 2014).

Watch the movie here:

Video Bonus: Behind the Scenes of "Projections in the Forest"

Header photo: Still from "Projections in the Forest"

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